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Diamond Demantoid 5.5ct. RETRO Cluster Ring

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Item description:

Important late Art Deco / 1940s Retro era diamond cluster ring comprising a large 5.30 carat old European modified cushion shape brilliant cut diamond, surrounded by 28 baguette cut natural and untreated rich and intense grass green demantoid garnet gems, further surrounded by pierced sunburst-like outer cluster of 28 smaller round brilliant diamonds. Both sides of the ring are also flanked with a pair of square cut demantoids, as well as another 6 round brilliant diamonds. The centerpiece diamond and outer cluster diamonds are all set into platinum closed settings while the demantoid garnets are channel set into 18 karat yellow gold. The marvelous antique center diamond feels like a large cushion cut piece when looked upon along with this setting, but by type of cut and number of facets it is indeed a brilliant one closely resembling the shape of the famous Regent diamond. This scarce centerpiece diamond measures 10.2mm x 9.5mm x 6.82mm and has an estimated by formula diamond weight of 5.30 carats. The piece has a great and appealing J color and VS2 clarity and a current Rap value of over $110,000. However, an only visible by 20x magnification minor inclusion being simply close to the border between the facets and the table would most certainly receive a higher VS1 grade at other gem labs. The diamond shows absolutely no signs of fluorescence and comes with an European gem laboratory certificate issued by an HRD licensed gemologist. By all means that particular diamond has a superb fire and sparkle and is the best such piece we've seen for years. The total estimated weight of the 30 demantoids including the 2 side ones is 1.50-1.80 carats and the estimated diamond weight of the remaining smaller 30 round brilliant diamonds is another 0.30 carats thus adding to a total diamond weight of 5.50 carats. The top face of the ring measures roughly 18mm x 18mm. The shape of the ring is so finely crafted that it does not stand tall when placed on a finger and the bulging part of the center diamond is roughly only about 5.5mm above the base of the finger. Gross weight of the ring is 8.7 grams and the size is 54, i.e. (US size 7, UK size M). The ring is most certainly a late 1940s European make - probably French or English and only bears a hallmark for the 18 karat yellow gold plus a maker's mark depicting a capital letter B placed within a triangle - vintage Boucheron mark???. Similarly shaped and identical by quality pieces are offered by major antique and collector jewelry dealers worldwide well above the $130,000 mark. For a nearly identical but much smaller 2.33 diamond dematoid cluster ring, which was clearly crafted by absolutely the same jeweler or firm, please take a look as an additional reference to the similar piece as it is listed for sale at Lang Antiques - San Francisco. In case the ring becomes attributed to be a Boucheron piece its value would be substantially more... Absolutely scarce antique and vintage jewelry collector piece and one of the finest late Art Deco / Retro era diamond cluster rings and jewels.


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